_2017-Some Lies_van Rooij_29.jpg

this project was made possible with support from alfipa

'Alfipa specializes in foils and strips made from metal and non-metals. Alfipa delivers aluminium foil as well as copper, stainless steel, PET, PE , PP foils and paper. Multilayer composite foils from multiple layers of these materials are also available on stock or produced to order, according to specification. Due to their long industry experience, Alfipa knows which materials are best suited to your specific requirements and is happy to consult you, even when you are only ordering small or medium quantities. Alfipa’s customers come from a wide range of sizes and industries – from small and medium enterprises which use aluminium foils for industrial purposes to large multinational corporations with special requirements for their foils. The foils and strips are used for insulation materials, for food- and pharma packaging, in the automotive and transport industries, or to build turbines, just to name a few application areas. Alfipa has contributed aluminium foil for this art project.'