Faraday bag
One cubic meter of broken silence
Silence is golden, but this is no silence
Acoustic painting
Faraday Tent
One cubic decimeter of silence
Breaking the silence
Machine for my neighbours
Letter to my neighbours

Moment of Bliss
Keep up the good work
Three silent points in my studio
My real house
Isolating series
Getting closer to Pauli

Things to do in Mönchengladbach
Mental Space


Sarah van Sonsbeeck | CV

She is known as an architect of anti-sound and master of disconnection. Sarah van Sonsbeeck portrays silence, and makes us aware of its lack.* In her work Sarah van Sonsbeeck (Amsterdam, 1976) concentrates on defining and appropriating space. In 2008 she wrote a letter to her neighbours asking them to pay 80 % of her rent since their noise pollution took up 80 % of her living space. Since then she has occupied herself with the meaning of sound, or the absence thereof. (* Quote: Nicola Bozzi, MetropolisM #1 2012)

2008-2009 Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
2002-2006 Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (BA)
1994-2001 TUDelft, Architecture (MA)

Grants, Fellowships
2012 Won Theodora Niemeijer Prize 2012
2012 Won Public prize of Volkskrant Fine Art Prize 2012
2012 Nominated Volkskrant Fine Art Prize 2012
2011 City of Mönchengladbach, Jozef und Hilde-Wilberz Foundation
2010 Fonds BKvB Starter Stipend
2009 Fellowship Dr. Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds
2008 Fellowship Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
2006 Nominated Rietveld FIne Art prize

2011 Residency Fonds BKvB at PiST, Istanbul, Turkey.
2011 Residency City of Mönchengladbach, Germany. On rec. of Ann Goldstein, dir. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Solo Shows
2012 'Arco Fair 2012' with Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. Joint solo with David Majlcovic.
2011 'Things To Do in Mönchengladbach', Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany.
2010 'Breaking the Silence', Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. (The Bakery, in the main gallery David Majlcovic).
2008 'Open studio's - Rijsakademie 2008', Amsterdam.
2009 'Open studio's - Rijsakademie 2008', Amsterdam.
2008 'Getting Closer to Pauli', Smart Project space, Amsterdam.

Group Shows
2013 'Art Basel 2012' with Annet Gelink Gallery Amsterdam.
2013 'Uncollecting' groupshow with Saskia Noor van Imhoff a.o., Tent Rotterdam.
2013 'Chasing Rainbows',groupshow with Anya Galacio and Antonis Pittas at Annet Gelink Gallery Amsterdam.

2012 'Art Basel 2012' with Annet Gelink Gallery.
2012 'De Volkskrant Art Award 2012', Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.
2012 'Hear It (part 2) Playing The Building', Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam at Trouw.
2012 'Fliegende Fliegen', Smax Schloss Ringenberg, Hamminkeln, GE.
2012 'Oh Crisis! #3', Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam.
2012 'Afterlife', Nederlands uitvaartmuseum Tot Zover, Amsterdam.
2012 'Luid Land', Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Vijfhuizen.

2011 'Hear It - A Playlist for the Stedelijk Museum', Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Performing '4.33 for Public Speaker'

2010 'Moon-Life Concept Store', (Alicia Framis), Shanghai. Presenting 'The Right to Silence'
2010 'Bienal Sao Paulo', presentation on 'Portable Silence'
2010 'Sonic Resistance', Impakt Festival, Utrecht
2010 'Mental space - how my neighbours became buildings', artist book in edition
2010 'Office for Silent Investors', within group show Mapping for tourists, Mediamatic, Amsterdam
2010 'Nacht van Duivenvoorde', Voorschoten. Groupshow with Gabriel Lester, Michael Portnoy, Amie Dicke e.a.

2009 Art works on paper E/AB, New York 5-8 november
2009 '2F7' and 'Unknown Territories', Museum de Paviljoens, Almere. 2009 'Open studio's - Rijksakademie 2009'
2009 'Een dijk van een kust',
2009 'Stedelijk Museum in de Stad', Amsterdam. Presenting Guided tours through the Silence

2008 'Guided tours through the Silence', project for the Blue House, IJburg (by Jeanne van Heeswijk)

2007 'Letters to Nobody', groupshow for the Artrental Gouda, Gorinchem en Vlaardingen. Curated by Hilde de Bruijn, curator Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.
2007 'Marketspace', Solo exhibition for Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar
2007 'The Neighbourshop', curated by Martijn Engelbrecht and SKOR

2006 'How My Neighbours became buildings', Graduation project Rietveldacademie, nom. Rietveld prize Fine Arts
2006 'How My Neighbours became buildings', show in Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar

2011 'Things To Do in Mönchengladbach', artist book, edition 100, texts by Tijs Goldschmidt and Annick Kleizen
2010 'Mental Space - How my neighbours became buildings', artist book, english edition 500
2006 'Mentale Ruimte - Hoe mijn buren gebouwen worden', artist book prototype, dutch edition 20

2011 'Silence is Golden, But This is No Silence', collection Museum Abteiberg, and various private.
2011 'Mental Space' Artist Book in edition, Moma NY and various private.
2010 'One Cubic Meter of Silence' private collection, Amsterdam.
2009 'Bench for the Silence', collection private collection, Rome.
2008 'The Universe of A', various private.
2006 'Mental Space - How my neighbours became buildings', Koninklijke bibliotheek Den Haag.
2006 'Mentale Ruimte - Hoe mijn buren gebouwen werden', various private.