For James and Jimmie
Six Bars of Gold, Dripped (Manifesta Collateral, Palermo)
Anti Dronte Tent (Museum Catharijne Convent)
Pedestal for the Imperfect / for James Lee Byars (Museum Catharijne Convent)
Meteorite, the Seventh Day (Into Nature, Fredreiksoord)
Meteorite, the Sixth Day
One Bar of Gold, Dripped
One Bar of Gold, Breathed
One Bar of Gold, Tapestry
One Bar of Gold, Yarn (Rolled and then Unrolled)
Private Space
Light S.e.s.a.
Shelter #3 – 7% Gold
Shelter #7 – 100% Gold
Shelter #6 – 27.8% Gold
Seven Bars of Gold, Dripped
Glyn's Mathematics
One Cubic Meter of Broken Silence
Letter to my Neighbours
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